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How Many Pages Is 2000 Words?

by | Jun 17, 2022

Content Manager

Ara Koetts

Ara Koetts, a leading voice at Voxtury.com, specializes in AI content creation, blending technology with creativity. Her insights into AI's impact on storytelling and ethical considerations make her a pivotal figure for anyone exploring digital innovation. Ara's work is a guiding light in the dynamic world of content creation, inspiring confidence and curiosity in her readers.

Content Strategy Concept

It can take you anywhere between 5 to 8 (or even more) pages to fit in 2000 words. That said, there’s no universal answer to this question. Each text editor has different formatting settings, and each writer has their own unique style that directly impacts the final page count for a 2000-word document.

So, how many pages is 2000 words? There are quite a few factors that influence that answer, and we will cover all of them in this article to better prepare you for your next writing project.

Factors Affecting the Page Count for 2000 Words

The actual number of pages it takes for you to write a 2000-word piece depends on a series of factors. Here are 12 of those:

1. Font Size

The first factor influencing page count for a 2000-word document is the size of your text’s font. If you are running short on space, you can reduce the font size to squeeze in all the words in 3-4 pages, and if the page count isn’t an issue, you can take up to 5-6 pages to write the same 2000 words. On average, most documents use a font size of anywhere between 11-16 pt.

2. Font Style

The space taken up by your content doesn’t only depend on the size of the font — the font style plays an equally significant role. Some fonts are designed to be compact and small, while others are designed to sprawl with a decorative cursive.

For instance, standard fonts like Open Sans and Arial eat a lot of space. A properly formatted document with a 12-point Arial font takes 6 pages to accommodate 2000 words, but that number becomes 7 if Open Sans is used.

On the other hand, compact fonts like Times New Roman might take only 5 pages. Fonts that are more spaced out naturally increase the page count.

3. Line Spacing

No document has every inch of it covered in the text. It’s recommended to always leave a thin strip of white space (line space) between consecutive lines to make the text clear and easier to read. The average line spacing for an official document ranges from 1 to 1.15, which can be easily customized.

The more the line spacing is, the more pages it will take to accommodate 2000 words. For example, with a single spacing design, 2000 words can easily fit in 5 pages, but if it’s double-spaced, you will need 10 pages.

If the spacing is adjusted to 1.15, it will take 6 pages, whereas if the spacing is adjusted to 1.5, it will take 7 pages. Whatever spacing you choose to keep between the lines of your text will tremendously affect the final page count.

4. Paragraph Spacing

The lines in your document aren’t the only thing that will be using white space to make the text more readable. Since no one would be willing to read through a huge 2000-word block of text, you will naturally have to break it up into paragraphs.

To make individual paragraphs distinct, you will need to add adequate paragraph spacing between each one. Again, the number of spaces you put between paragraphs will influence the total page count.

For example, without paragraph spacing, it will take approximately 5 pages to write a 2000-word document, but if you decide to add standard spacing both before and after a paragraph, the same document will go up to 7 pages.

5. Page Size and Orientation

The number of pages it will take to type 2000 words will not be the same for A4, A3, or Legal page sizes. The bigger a page is, the more content it will be able to hold and subsequently reduce the total number of pages you will need.

For example, keeping all the other parameters standard, it would take approximately 6 pages to write 2000 words in size 11 Arial font. However, the same content can be covered in 4 pages of an A3 paper and 5 pages for a standard Legal (21.6 cm x 35.6 cm) paper.

Another factor that influences the size of the paper is its orientation. In an online text editor, if you set the page orientation as portrait, you will have extra space on each page to accommodate 2000 words, which would then take around 6-7 pages.

On the other hand, landscape orientation, despite being wider, is overall smaller, taking at least 8 pages to accommodate a 2000-word document.

6. Margins

We have already touched upon how the page size influences the total number of pages 2000 words need to fit in. But if we are talking about a properly formatted document, do you think you will be using every inch of the paper, right from top to bottom, to write? Absolutely not!

The first rule of perfect document formatting is to add a margin on either side of the document to keep the content neat and visually pleasant. By doing so, you are losing at least an inch of writing space from all the sides of the paper, which ultimately increases your total page count.

For example, a page with a standard 2.54 cm margin will take 6-7 pages to fit in 2000 words, whereas a page with a 1 cm margin on all sides of the document will only take 5 pages. You can adjust the margin width or choose not to use margin at all to manipulate the total page count, but that’s not recommended.

7. Indentation and Alignment

Although the impact is minimum, text indentation and alignment do influence the total number of pages a 2000-word document will need. After all, indentation forces your text to shift to a side of the document, reducing the writing space on each page. That’s why, if the 2000-word document fits in 6 pages with normal indentation, the same will take at least 7 pages with a left or right indentation.

Similarly, if you use a center alignment and then adjust the text to give the document a seamless look, it might impact the final number of pages. That said, the difference is usually negligible and depends on where your text ends on the penultimate page.

8. Page Breaks

Page breaks are quite similar to paragraph spacing, with the only difference being that a page break signifies the end of a page. Every document on online text editors like Voxtury comes with a standard page break, but you are free to manipulate it to change the final number of pages.

Understanding a page break’s application is pretty straightforward — wherever you decide to end a page, the remaining text of that particular page from after the page break will move to the next page. So, if you end a page halfway and start the next section on a different page, your final page count will increase. On the other hand, if you decide not to add any extra page breaks anywhere in the document, you can fit in the 2000 words within the standard 6 pages.

9. Headings

Whether you decide to add headings in your text or how many headings you add in a document will have a massive impact on the final page count of 2000 words. First of all, the font size of headings is much bigger than regular text. So, if you have more headings in your text, you will need more pages to accommodate them.

At the same time, adding a heading requires adding extra white space before the next line of regular text to avoid varied font sizes from stacking on one another, further increasing your page count.

We recommend not manipulating headings and their sizes just to change the page count. This is because properly formatted headings are crucial to enhance the document’s readability.

10. Images & Charts

We aren’t just talking about words here! A document, along with its textual content, can also contain images, infographics, and charts which will increase the number of pages you will need to fit in 2000 words.

There is no set number on how images and other visual content will influence your document’s page count. The more you use them, the more pages you will need. With visual content, the same 2000-word piece that took you 6-7 pages can take you 10 pages, 20 pages, or even more.

11. Special Characters

A textual content doesn’t consist of alphabets and numbers alone. One of the primary creative elements of a well-formatted document is special characters and punctuations. While these special characters alone might not take up a lot of space in your document, they certainly change how you view 2000 words.

For example, many text editors consider each special character like “.”, “!” or “,” individually and add them to the final word count. On the other hand, there are plenty of online text editors that do not count special characters as different words or only consider them if added in a cluster. With the first tool type, you might finish 2000 words in merely 4 pages, while the latter might take you 6-7 pages.

12. Text Format

So far, we have been discussing paragraph-style writing, but that’s not the only text format. If you write the same 2000 words with bullet points or separate them into 2 columns, the results will be starkly different.

Bullet points indent your text to the right. Hence, the more you use them in your document, the more pages you will need. On the other hand, splitting your document into columns makes it more compact, so keeping the other factors standard, you might be done within 5 pages.

Voxtury: Why Do You Need This Online Text Editor?

When editing or writing a document online, it’s important to be able to view all important elements related to the text, including page count, character count, chosen font, etc. Voxtury gives you all that and more in the form of a responsive, free, and reliable online word processor.

Other Features and Benefits

Here are some other benefits and features of using Voxtury:

1. Duplicate Word Finder

Don’t want to bore your readers by using repetitive words or phrases? Voxtury has you covered. Our tool automatically helps you detect the words that have been overused in real-time so that you can get rid of them in your editing process.

2. PDF Converter

Why go through the trouble of locating an online PDF converter, uploading your document, and getting it processed to a different format when Voxtury is launching a native PDF converter feature that helps you convert your documents to PDF in a few clicks.

3. Rich Text Editor

Plain text is boring, to say the least. While it might help you take quick notes, it’s certainly not interesting enough to be used in a captivating piece of writing. Voxtury’s rich text editor gives you access to a full suite of writing features like bold, italics, underlining, font colors, highlights, and whatnot.

4. Compatible With Multiple Device Formats

Writing and formatting should not be restricted to laptops alone. That’s why applications like Voxtury have created the perfect path to flexible work by allowing seamless access to their text editor through mobile phones as well as tablets.

5. Free Application

As a beginner, you might not be able to afford high-end text editors, but thanks to Voxtury, you won’t even need one. Get instant access to all essential writing tools to create a foolproof document!

Wrapping Up

So, how many pages is 2000 words? The exact number of pages you will need to accommodate 2000 words will vary depending on the font, use of images, margins, indentation, etc. We all have different editing and formatting styles, but what’s important is to find a reliable text editor like Voxtury that can accommodate your needs no matter your style. Focus on the quality of your content, readability, and font legibility — we at Voxtury will take care of the rest.

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